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"Best Actor Winner Les Long in "Gospel Good, Gospel Bad, Gospel Ugly"

The movie Kicked off with a sold out premier held on Easter Sunday April 09, 2012 at Galaxy Cinima 770 Cary town Blvd Cary, NC

Local independent film company, Platinum Productionz, LLC released a new movie April 09, 2012 Gospel Good, Gospel Bad and Gospel Ugly. The film, written by Michael L. Buie, directed by James House, and Executive Producer J. Anthony Brown. The movie is based on Robert Chestnut, the lead singer of a quartet gospel group, must get his group signed to a major record label while navigating setbacks, flaws in his and key members' characters as well as their personal lives, and deal with a personal tragedy. Les Long plays the role as Robert Chestnut younger brother Teddy Chesnut.

“I am thankful for the opportunity and honored to accept the award for Best Actor." said Les Long

"Les Long was OUTSTANDING in this film. A natural talent." said Michael L. Buie